“Recently we recruited a new copywriter to our team, and Jackie has played a significant part in his induction with a ½ day in-house training and then three subsequent video calls. Her style is engaging, passionate and she is extremely knowledgeable in her field – it was a sound investment to ensure that our new team member sets off in his career with the best foundations in place. Highly recommended. Thank you Jackie.”

Nathan Kelsey, Make Me Local


Website workshop

About an in-house website workshop I ran on behalf of Kent Trainers:

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop at Palmstead today – you packed in so much good information and presented it in such an accessible way. I’m now actually excited to get to work creating a new (less embarrassing!) website and hopefully generating some more business.”
Bethany Williams

Experiential Speaking

“If you are a trainer, facilitator, presenter or speaker, Jackie is a ‘must go to’ person. Her experiential learning exercises are varied, simple and hugely effective in engaging and capturing the attention and interests of the audience. The variety that she has in her portfolio means there’s something for every group size. I had great success with a simple paper-folding game with a group of year 12s as we explored what it means to be different. I’m counting the day until I can get my hands on her book – I know it’ll prove to be a crucial addition to my toolkit!”

Jackie Handy

What the journalists said

One of the things I do is train freelance journalists how to add copywriting to their skillset. I’ve run this course 22 times in the past six years on behalf of (I haven’t looked back further than that), and it’s always great fun. Here’s some recent feedback:

“Another big thank you for the course I attended. It paid for itself within weeks, & while I am far from what I would class as an ‘experienced’ copywriter just yet, the tools you equipped me with on the day help me convince potential clients I am just that!”

“Jackie’s course was very informative. I am now much more confident about being a freelance copywriter.”
Alice Grahame

“Jackie Barrie lays the foundation you need to succeed in your career.”
Susie Lemons

“Jackie was clear, concise and demystified the world of copywriting. The advice was straightforward and Jackie was also very entertaining.”
Jane Clinton

“Wonderfully insightful! Worth every penny.”
Carly Read

“I just wanted to say thanks again for your time today and imparting your invaluable wisdom and experience to us mere mortals! I’m excited to overhaul the content on my website using all the info you gave us today, and get going with networking to find copywriting clientele!”
Punteha Vanterheyden

“Jackie came across as very knowledgeable and provided very useful insights into the world of copywriting.”
Adam Stephens

“Breaks down the elements of copywriting and builds your confidence to go out there and do it.”
Deborah Wald

“An extremely useful and highly relevant course, crammed with loads of practical examples, research and insights. I learned a great deal and the day was a lot of fun too. Highly recommended!”
Sarah Evans

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your copywriting for journalists course. Even though it was only a one-day course it succeeded in covering several relevant and useful areas in a very in-depth and thorough way and the tips, insights and information you shared were invaluable. It was also a great deal of fun. Thanks to your course I now feel I can pursue copywriting as a career and want to build on the skills and experience I’ve gained from journalism and the corporate sector in this new arena. It was great to meet you and I hope our paths cross again. Thanks once again for a superb course and good luck for all your projects.”

Sarah (via email)

Recruiter feedback

“Anyone (whatever level of experience) within recruitment should be looking to improve their ability to attract the right candidates. This course will certainly help you do that, explaining how obviously incorrect the current status quo of writing job ads is and highlighting the use of language and tones of our established job ads. Worth the investment, even just to get that one tricky placement filled.”

Liam Byrne

“Fed up doing things the same way and getting the same poor results? Want to have your eyes opened to a whole new way of writing job adverts? Look no further than Mitch and Jackie’s copywriting course. Whether you work in agency or internal recruitment, get yourself on this 1-day course. The duo are great at delivering the material and making sure that you walk away equipped with everything you need to create ads which stand out from the crowd.”

Richard Jeffers

“Jackie and Mitch have grasped what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to recruitment advertising and continue to practice what they preach. A breath of fresh air compared with those “recruitment trainers” who haven’t spoken to a candidate or client in years.”

Stephen Morris

“I learnt a lot from Mitch and Jackie on this course. I found them to be very approachable in their way of teaching and I have definitely adapted my writing style to suit the needs of the candidate as opposed to the business when drafting job adverts. Mitch and Jackie offered both group and 1-2-1 support throughout the course and they both went above and beyond to make sure we fully understood what we wanted to achieve. I would recommend this course to anyone that is struggling with creative writing.”

Jess Frampton

“I was not quite sure what to expect when I arrived on the day of the course but I was pleasantly surprised. Mitch and Jackie provided a great interactive session which was filled with lots of useful facts around candidate psychology and how to make your adverts really stand out from the crowd. It’s given me the confidence to explore my creativity and I’m already seeing the benefits from some recent advertising that I’ve put out. The course teaches you to challenge the norm of conventional writing which is great! Thanks guys!”

Nina Wilkhu

“I no longer need to self-flagellate after writing an advert.”

Ali Donlan

“This is such a useful course for recruiters of all levels to really think differently about adverts and improve your writing style. It is an interesting and engaging course that makes you think on your feet and leave feeling inspired to be better with the tools and support to do it!”

Suzanne Farrin

“If you’re constantly complaining about a lack of candidates and doing nothing about it, your next step is to take a long hard look at your ‘adverts’ and book yourself onto Mitch & Jackie’s recruitment advertising course. The insights of professional advertising copywriter and a straight talking recruitment veteran really make you think and it’s all advice that’s easy to pick up and use straight away. Within a week of changing my approach to my job adverts I am already getting around 30% more views on my LinkedIn job posts and the majority of applicants will mention how the advert stood out. This course is great value and offers immediate results.”

Dave Clark

“I liked it – and now our adverts are performing better and taking pressure away from us in other areas. One good advert on a job we recruit a lot saves us no end of pain.”

Jake Annan

“Very much a driver’s licence for copywriting – knowing the basics and appreciating where to get the other knowledge from; the writer leaves with the tools to become better and practiced at, what is, an art.”

Paul Sadler

“My experience of a ‘1 day course’ consists of a PowerPoint presentation with me needing 10 coffees before 11am. Not when Mitch and Jackie are delivering, the day was engaging and super beneficial. Because of the way the content was delivered and the activities we did, I have found it easy to retain and recite my learning (without, typically, referring to a PowerPoint presentation). As a recruiter with over 10 years’ experience, you think you know it all, I was so wrong. I learnt so much from spending the day with Mitch and Jackie (not just about advert writing). It was fun, chilled and invaluable. This day has changed the way our whole company now addresses job advertising. ”

Leanne Cooper

“Loved this course, I can see where I have been blinkered for years, this will make a big difference to my recruitment marketing moving forwards. Highly recommend.”

Michelle Paoloni

“I’ve followed Mitch for a long time and saw a lot of sense in his views of recruitment both on the advertising and retainer subjects. The course taught me to look at recruitment advertising in a completely different way. I haven’t seen anyone go into so much detail about the way we advertise our jobs before, nor be able to provide figures and information to back this up. Jackie brings a whole new insight in to the equation with her vast experience in advertising. I’d recommend this course to anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd when advertising jobs. Agency or internal the blueprint for good advertising of jobs is the same. Cheers guys.”

David Gibbon

“I still have a long way to come with my adverts but this course has massively helped and given me a push in the right direction. Normally I would dread having to write up an advert and sometimes due to time it can turn in a copy-and-paste job with the adding of ‘an exciting opportunity’. After attending the course I can quickly change an advert and make it a lot more appealing and when I put my mind to it I think I can now come up with some good ads.”

Jess Kirk

“Nailed it”

“Thank you for the recent job advert you created. In 38 years of engineering, I have never seen such an attention grabbing, fun yet realistic description. You have completely nailed it.”
Steve Robert Elliott, Cajero

Practical and helpful

About a one-hour interactive talk designed to help PPP franchisees write better Spareroom ads (customised for five UK regions so far and being reproduced as a series of videos for their intranet):

“Thank you very much for attending our meeting yesterday. I have had some lovely comments from our guys about your practical and helpful session.”
Simon Whelan, Platinum Property Partners, Midlands

“Thanks for a great interactive session yesterday; I’m sure the partners got a lot out of it. I certainly did, as I changed one of my Spareroom ads this afternoon using your tips, and 2 minutes later someone called me for a room viewing!”
David Brant, Platinum Property Partners, London
(The other ad was up for 1 week with 1 enquiry. I’ll see how many enquiries this one gets after 1 week.)

“I thought Jackie Barrie’s session on copywriting was awesome and possibly one of the best things I have attended at PPP in recent times. On the basis that we are more challenged with the rental market, I felt it really gave us some more bullets to fire.”
Dion, Platinum Property Partners, London

“Thank you very much for a super presentation yesterday.  The highlight of our day, with so much interesting content and learning.”
Richard Lloyd, Platinum Property Partners, Bristol

Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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