Measurable results

More measurable results from Copywriting for Recruitment with Mitch Sullivan:

“My InMail response rates have shot up beyond what I had anticipated off the back of the course. So far this month I have a 60% response rate compared to 35% for the month before the course. I am sending less InMails and getting much higher returns. From 51 messages on Monday I have generated 3 interviews and CVs from another 5 brilliant candidates who will get interviews.

You promised it would add value and it really has so thanks again to you and Jackie for delivering what was a very effective and enjoyable day’s training!”

Julien Bicknell, Madison Talent Sourcing


Useful and enlightening

Unsolicited feedback from a recent Copywriting for Recruiters course in London, with Mitch Sullivan.

“Just wanted to say thanks again for a great course yesterday. It was extremely useful and enlightening, and I am looking forward to putting what we covered into practice.”

Marcus Jones

Copywriting for Journalists

This course sells out every time. Here’s one of the reasons why (I did a showcase talk for NUJ London a while ago):

“I’ve heard rave reviews about Jackie’s training from my friends in the NUJ London Freelance Branch.”

Nick Renaud-Komiya, Journalist, writer & editor

Compelling copywriting

Feedback from attendees of yesterday’s compelling copywriting course for an in-house comms team in Twickenham:

“Jackie was a super trainer – v engaging and has a great way of explaining things using real-life examples. Would defo recommend. (Thumbs up emoji.)”

Lucy Kinnear

“Kept it simple and covered all the key points we needed. Learnt new ways to approach my craft!”

Eleanor Kahn

“Jackie provided the team with loads of useful hints, tips and tricks to improve our copy. I feel inspired to apply what I’ve learnt to improve headlines, CTAs and stories. We must make sure we talk to humans at all times – and keep looking for creative ways to sell or tell stories.”

Georganna SImpson

And the boss said…

“Huge thanks for training the team yesterday. They seem to have got loads out of it – from tips and tricks, to appraisal of current work and practices via a decent lump of (digestible) theory to build on their skills.”

Edward Craig, Haymarket Media Group Ltd

“Works harder, converts better and costs us less to promote”

Feedback from Tom Mason at

I’ve had a look at the performance of our sales advert since I’ve been on the course. I looked at the same four weeks in August in 2017 and 2018.

Essentially the stats show that the new advert works harder, converts better and costs us less to promote. However, the significant impact has been that we have hired two people from the new advert so far. The stats show that we didn’t hire any people in the same period last year.

Aug-17 Aug-18 Variance
Impressions 25289 52429 27140
Clicks 404 2134 1730
Click through rate 1.60% 4.10% 2.50%
Cost per click £0.62 £0.51 -£0.11
Applies 60 462 402
Apply Rate 14.9 21.6 6.7
Sales Experience 29.7 52.1 22.4
Cost per application £4.17 £2.34 -£1.83
Hires 0 2 2

Source – Indeed

Grim up North?

Latest feedback about Copywriting for Recruiters in Cheshire and Manchester (with Mitch Sullivan):

“Just wanted to say thanks for the course yesterday, pleasure meeting you both. One of the best training days I’ve had in years, great content and you made it very enjoyable.’

Oliver Hague

More to follow…

Looking at adverts in a different light

Comments from recruiters in Bristol yesterday:

“I liked to think I was writing creative adverts before, but after attending Mitch Sullivan & Jackie Barrie‘s Copywriting for Recruiters course it has totally changed my outlook on advert writing! Looking forward to going back to the drawing board and hopefully writing some more engaging and effective adverts 👌 Cheers both.”

Dan Shone on LinkedIn

“I second Dan’s comments, excellent day and looking forward to building on the skills and techniques you’ve given us. Looking at adverts in a different light now for sure, and cringing at how shit and generic they’ve been in the past!”

Richard Kinsey on LinkedIn

And here’s a case study from a previous course in Brighton:

Recruiter: “Email below is a great indication of the difference the copy writing course has made!”

Candidate: “I saw this position advertised on LinkedIn, and really loved the tone and essence of the job posting.  Really different to all the others I have seen, and has sparked my interest. I have attached my latest CV for your perusal, and look forwarding to hearing from you in the near future.”
Recruiter’s boss: “She’s been recruiting 14 years, first time she’s had a response like this. Love it!!”

Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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