“Recharged my mojo”

That’s what a delegate said about the copywriting for freelance journalists course I run regularly on behalf of Journalism.co.uk. I’ve done it over 20 times now. Thanks, Emma, for your kind words.

Copywriting – the art of persuasion


Feedback from Copywriting for Recruiters in London yesterday with Mitch Sullivan:

“Thank you for a very insightful day. I know that how much I actually end up getting from it is going to be down to me and me implementing the stuff you passed on but I liked the course and I’m sure it’s going to help.”
Sean Tomey

And, from a previous course…

“I guess you know this by now but…… your course works! I posted [an ad] recently and the response has been fab – not just with applicants but also inbound calls, LinkedIn views and a few of those mythical ‘passive’ people, too! I don’t know if this is normally the response on sales roles (it was my first) but I was literally glowing from the response. So much so I took the ad to a sales meeting as part of my pitch, the client loved it, he even asked to keep a copy! From a very happy delegate and now rather good budding recruiter.”

Georgia Bolton


About the Copywriting for Recruitment masterclass I co-delivered with Mitch Sullivan yesterday in Leeds:

“Just a quick note to say thanks for yesterday – felt like I learnt something that I can put into practice. No longer will my ads contain the phrases ‘proven track record’ or ‘award winning’.

You could say I’m now passionate about ad writing…”

James Mitchell


About yesterday’s copywriting for journalists course. I run it on behalf of Journalism.co.uk.

“Thanks for the session yesterday – it was eye-opening stuff, a lot to take in but very helpful.”

JR, journalist, London

“Just the right person”

About web copy I wrote:

“Faced with reviewing and potentially rewriting all of the copy on our website ahead of the launch of our new site, I felt that it would be a much better decision to delegate to a professional.

I knew just the right person and I’m glad I did.

Jackie’s suggestions demonstrated a clear understanding of our business and showed clear thought on the visitor journey. Jackie’s service is not about proof-reading and grammar checking, she offers much more than that. We have made a number of changes to the site on Jackie’s advice, as much about what to take out as words to include.

I’m pretty comfortable as a writer, I’ve written four books, but that doesn’t make me the right person to write the copy on our website. Jackie’s expertise in that are meant that we had a much more professional job done and I could focus on core business activity.”

Andy Lopata

Web copy

Feedback about the first draft of new web copy I wrote:
“This is amazing, I love it. I am going to work through it and update the [details] etc. but so far, so good. I really like it.”


Feedback from last week’s Copywriting for Recruitment, masterclass with Mitch Sullivan, in Birmingham.

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a massive thank you. It was such a wicked day and I can’t quite believe how much I learnt… The ad response so far has been the best I’ve ever seen………… it works!!”

Georgia Bolton

Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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