“I have seen Jackie speak at two different events on two different topics and both times the content was pitched at exactly the right level and tailored specifically for those particular audiences.
Jackie demonstrates her expertise in a way that is clear, engaging and memorable ensuring that people leave with valuable takeaways they can implement immediately.
I look forward to using her tips and techniques in my own business asap – thanks Jackie!”
Mel Sherwood, Pitch and Presentation Specialist (on LinkedIn)

Calling Scottish recruiters

Look what you missed out on in Edinburgh and Glasgow this week…

”Learning from Mitch and Jackie was an absolute joy. I loved the format of the course, the one-to-one tuition and all the conversational tangents. I can’t wait to get back to work to apply what I have learned.”

Mary Palmer

“Mitch and Jackie were great. Mitch definitely not as scary in person as he is online. Course was fantastic. Great one-to-one support has given me a completely different perspective on ads.”

Stuart McKenna

”Great course and will add real value to my desk.”

Gordon Coyle

”The course is not what you might think it is. It applies to all areas of persuading people to engage with you. It was expertly delivered.”

Gillies Kleboe

”Perfectly paced and easy-to-apply tips from two industry experts. I will be using these tools straightaway.”

Steve Guest

”Great session. Mitch and Jackie made the course very interactive which really helped the group stay engaged throughout.”

Isabella Derham

“Fantastic course by Mitch and Jackie. Tailored advice and support specific to my sector. I’ve learned so much today. Excited to put it into practice.”

Joanne Sullivan

”Jackie and Mitch are highly knowledgeable about copywriting and recruitment advertising. The course is fantastic – I highly recommend it.”

Louise Millar

”If you recruit for mythical beasts, or candidates that are hard to find, this course is for you.”

Paul Card

”Mitch and Jackie really helped me create more engaging copy that my business can use, not just in job ads, but emails and LinkedIn messages too.”

James Blackwell

“Great course. Insightful. I wish there were more training programmes available within the industry to help us improve.”

Graeme Harper

“It was a fantastic experience and [we] are just about to head in to meet with our MD to deliver our glowing feedback. The training course was even  better than I had expected – so much good practical advice in there which was exactly what I was looking to get out of it.”

Copywriting for Journalists

Here are some of the comments from the journalists who attended yesterday’s Copywriting for Journalists course in London, on behalf of Journalism.co.uk:

“Jackie talked us through the skills of copywriting in a thorough and entertaining way, providing lots of skills and tips and techniques to start us on the copywriting journey.”
Charlie Webb

Great introduction to copywriting. I now have the confidence to go out and get work.”
Ellie Robinson

“Comprehensive, engaging and informative course with practical advice and a wealth of hints and tips.”
Katie Holmes

“A very useful and targeted course by someone whose years of hands-on experience clearly shows.”
Nick Bezuidenhout

“Relaxed training course suitable for journalists. Understands skills journalists have and takes it from there.”
Angela Rumsey

“Really great grounding on copywriting. I’m crammed with inspiration for my next work!”
Maddy Everington

“Interesting and practical course that gives you great advice and useful, usable skills.”
Stacey Meadwell

“Interesting and engaging with practical skills and knowledge to set up your copywriting business.”
Emily Sheridan

A flair for witty wordplay

“I’ve found your site full of fantastic tips about not just copywriting but language in general. I like the way you have a flair for witty wordplay and keeping things concise.”

Oliver Rahman

Already implemented

Feedback from my recent talk for Kent Women in Business about getting your core message across:

“You were great. I learnt a lot and have already implemented some of the things you told us.”
Kerry Gregory, Family-Jewels.co.uk

Feedback from Manchester recruiters

What delegates said after the Copywriting for Recruiters course I ran in Manchester yesterday with Mitch Sullivan.

“Great to have a breakdown of how a great ad is structured. Inspiration for the future. And with less swearing than I expected.”
Ed Collins

“Excellent and informative course. Some great insights into adverts.”
Ashley Kerns

“Informative, and thoroughly enjoyable…It was fun, challenging and I like to think I learned a lot.”
Max Robertson

In-house copywriting course

Some of the feedback from a copywriting course I ran for an in-house team in Bristol on behalf of Journalism.co.uk:

“Jackie had a great way of getting us to put ourselves in the shoes of our audiences.”
Emma Bartovsky

“Excellent copywriting course which has given me lots of techniques to use back in the office.”
Alan Crompton

Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

For free resources, hints and tips about copywriting, marketing, social media and networking, please visit jackiebarrie.com.

Jackie Barrie, speaker, trainer, copywriter, and author

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