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Comments from yesterday’s Copywriting for Recruitment course with Mitch Sullivan:

“5 star, fantastic day. Lots of learning and very insightful.”
James Gallagher

“Do you think you’re writing great recruitment ads? I can *passionately* tell you that – until you’ve taken this course – you are not. Sign up now. It’s worth it.”
José Rubio

“You taught an old dog new tricks, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.”
Sue Prytherch

“Fantastic day spent with Mitch Sullivan and Jackie Barrie looking at the world of copywriting. If you are looking to stand out from the noise and create some truly measurable and engaging online content these guys will pull zero punches in telling you in no simple terms to ‘stop talking like a recruiter, write like a human!’ Extremely refreshing and highly recommended.”
James Gallagher on LinkedIn

“Spent a rainy day with Mitch Sullivan and Jackie Barrie on their ‘Copywriting for Recruiters course’. Wanted to attend for a couple of years but never had the opportunity until now. If you are involved in creating content, candidate attraction or just ‘passionate’ adverts then I insist you take this course to right your ways. Applies to agencies, internal and retained. You will be shocked at how narrow minded and arrogant what we write really is and learn to be like a human and not a bot. Be prepared to take criticism, they do not hold back and know what they are talking about. Mine were torn to shreds which was very refreshing and welcome. Want to argue? Don’t. Closest analogy would be telling Paul Hollywood how to bake bread. Listen, learn and adapt. I have learned more about adverts, human behaviour and stakeholder management (bonus) in 7 hours than almost 6 years’ in recruitment while also rediscovering my lost love for creative writing. Wish I had done this earlier in my career, some past roles could have ended differently.”
Will Louzado on LinkedIn


Recruiter testimonials

About Copywriting for Recruitment, with Mitch Sullivan:

“Top notch, clear and concise. It will make the world of difference to the once mundane process of advert writing.”
Jack Barnett

“Refreshing outlook on recruitment adverts.”
Tom Newell

“A truly excellent course with really engaging tutors. Best course I have been on!”
Louis Borhani

“Great training session, lots of useful tips.”
Alex Orphanou

“Really good informative course that was really engaging and helpful. Really recommend.”
Natalie Tompkins

“Thought-provoking and really useful. Will help me move my writing on – and I already love writing.”
Sarah Clarke

Delegate feedback

Comments from yesterday’s ‘Copywriting for Recruitment’ course in London Bridge:

“Jackie and Mitch were both extremely engaging and the tips we were given were fantastic. There was a clear difference between the ads we wrote originally and those after the course. I highly recommend you go along.”

Nina Pezeshkian

“A great course delivered in an effective memorable way. Would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their ad writing skills.”

Aaron Annesley

“Copywriting made easy. Was worried about how to unlock the creativity, but turns out it’s there! Cheers, Jackie and Mitch.”

Holly Giddings

What the journalists said

“Everything I needed to confidently set up shop as a copywriter.”
Cate Butler

“Full of very useful insightful content and skills that I can apply in my work as a copywriter.”
Nicholas Newman

“An entertaining, helpful course. I’m inspired to get started with my copywriting career!”
Sarah Morton

“An excellent interactive course which clearly shows journalists how to make the transition to copywriting. Every aspect is covered from writing styles to how to find clients and get paid.”
Jackie Mitchell

“I arrived doubting my ability to switch from journalism to copywriting – now I’ve got the confidence, and best of all, an actual POA!”
Amy Laws

“Very well structured course with useful interactive elements. Empowering. Thank you!”
Becky Dickinson

“A truly brilliant, fact-packed course presented by a personable and very friendly lady. You packed a lot of information into the day and I came away with so many ideas and thoughts in my head.”
Helen Watson

“It has given me some great ideas and motivation for entering the world of copywriting.”
Alex Wright

“Many thanks for putting together such a great course. You were so knowledgeable and inspiring you have left me wanting more.”
Annie Salter


Breaking the ice

About my interactive session on icebreakers and energisers for speakers and trainers at the Professional Speaking Association London region Christmas event.

“Boy, did you create a party atmosphere — just perfect! For sure speakers in the room will be bringing your ideas to their presentations. Very valuable it was.”

Pearl Jordan, Regional President, PSA London

Thanks a million

Posted by Sarah Potter on LinkedIn:

Thanks to Mitch Sullivan & Jackie Barrie for improving my advert writing and talent attraction skills. Advert responses have gone up 1,000,000%* since your course with people saying that wonderful phrase ’I wasn’t really looking for a new job, but loved the way the company sounded in the advert’

*maybe a slight exaggeration, but it really is that good.

Traffic up 50%!

About weekly blog posts I write for a client:

“Thanks very much for all your help this year – our traffic is 50% higher than this time last year.”


Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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