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About articles I wrote to be sent as newsletters and archived to the client’s blog:

“I absolutely love them!!! You’ve taken my ideas and improved on them massively. Love the straplines, the tone. Just brilliant :)”

Words fail me

“Well, what can you say about the amazing Jackie Barrie? Where words fail me because she’s just so awesome at what she does, words – for Jackie – are her strength and advantage over the rest of us. We mere mortals might be able to muster the occasional headline or tweet, but for Jackie, wordsmithing for us or our business is both a delight and a ‘money-making machine’. Jackie’s brilliant copywriting skills will hook your audience, whoever they are, and ensure the attention of the people you want to attract to your business is grabbed – every time.”


Fun, fun, fun!

About my highly intereactive 45-minute session on icebreakers and energisers for speakers and trainers:

“If icebreakers and energisers are part of your world, e.g. delivering workshops, Jackie will provide you with practical ideas that work, and entertain you into the bargain; you learn by doing, rather than just listening. Book a session with Jackie; highly recommended.”
Ges Ray

“Thanks Jackie for a super session. Great ideas, very well delivered.”
Susan Shaw

“Well done for last night by the way. Great fun and some really good tips.”
Dave Henson

What the recruiters said

Here is some of the feedback from yesterday’s ‘copywriting for recruiters’ course with Mitch Sullivan:

“Powerful! This will certainly give me an edge in a competitive market. Totally changed my way of thinking.”
Darren Louis

“Today has picked apart everything I thought I knew about copywriting, and then put it all back together again in a concise, practical way. I’m taking away more than I possibly thought I could and can’t wait to implement my newfound knowledge.

The course has given me an enormous amount to think about. I’m sat at my desk feeling very excited to get some copy written using my new-found skills. I already had in my mind that it would be good, but the day proved to be even better than I could have hoped.”
Becki Todd

“Who says ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?’ They are wrong. 25+ years in this game and I feel like a totally different recruitment professional.”
Peter Ricci

“This one day turned my thinking and my writing upside-down – in a good way. Mitch and Jackie are the perfect mix of honest and encouraging: everyone on the course was buzzing about how interactive it was, how much we learned, and how eager we all are to start putting it into practice. Plus it’s great to know we have access to Mitch and Jackie’s expertise for individual feedback in the month following the course.”
Tess Marshall

What the journalists said

Comments from some of the freelance journalists on yesterday’s course at London Bridge:

“This course provided me with priceless practical information, but I also found it extremely useful on a personal level. Jackie helped me think like a marketer, and reminded a jaded journalist that my talent as a writer is a sellable commodity. I came away with the insider know-how and, more importantly, the confidence I need to successfully market myself as a copywriter – and to demand adequate payment for my skills.”
Aoife Stuart-Madge

“Excellent course that provided a great introduction to copywriting. Jackie is a fantastic trainer.”
Debbie Oliver

“I came to this course as a fairly jaded journalist, nervous that my skills might never help me make a decent living. Now I realise that my words and skills ARE valuable.”
Geraldine Cooper

“Excellent overview. Very engaging teaching style. Lots of very useful resources provided.”
Eleanor Silk

“Great practical course with loads of useful tips and personal expertise.”
Francesca Clarke

“Useful for thinking about personal branding as much as copywriting.”

Icebreakers, energisers and breakouts

“Jackie is an expert at thinking of and helping the development of fun, impactful breakout activities for use in a keynote. During our hour-long conversation, I took many pages of notes, and came away with a number of extremely valuable ideas, which I am looking forward to putting into practice. Highly recommended. Thank you Jackie.”

Rob Lilwall on LinkedIn (global adventurer, author and speaker based in Hong Kong)

Copywriter for Recruiters (again)

Here’s a selection of recent feedback:

“A well-delivered course with relevant and engaging content for upcoming copywriters and recruiters.”
Sean England

“I came onto the course with limited understanding of copywriting, but I left with a pocket full of Smarties and feeling inspired. Mitch and Jackie were supportive, full of helpful tricks and tips and delivered a relaxed, friendly yet professional and informed session. Highly recommended.”
Rachel Goody

“Mitch and Jackie are both great trainers and would highly recommend this course to anyone who has been working in recruitment for 2 weeks or even 20 years for that matter. The course is horseshit free and really challenged half a lifetime’s usage of clichés, jargon and bad habits. The follow up training and help from Mitch has been brilliant and have started to create much better adverts that contain meaningful content that “speak” to the reader, rather than simply promoting the job as a shopping list of skills. Well worth the time and effort, so much to learn. Book a seat tout suite!”
Kevin Long

“Copywriting for recruitment is an absolute must for those wishing to write engaging, attractive purposeful and meaningful job advertisements. The training breaks through the wall of homogeneous, boring adverts and gives you the necessary skills to attract the star candidate.”
Alex Griffin


“A refreshing and thought-provoking day that has re-energised me.”
Alex Snape

“The day was great, well-structured and informative. Learnt some useful tools that will definitely be called upon when I next write an advert. Highly recommend this session to everyone who writes adverts.”
Tony Glover

“A fun day, challenging everything I thought I knew about advertising. And I mean everything.”
Clare Wight

“This course has given me a useful insight to ad creation and I’m intending to develop and utilise the skills I have witnessed and been taught from now on.”
Claire Praill

Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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