Feedback from digital marketing delegates

Some delegate comments after the two-day digital marketing course I run for Kent Trainers. They rated both the course and the trainer (me!) 10/10.

“Easy to understand, layman’s terms. Not technical jargon.”

“Very patient and understanding. took time to listen.”

“Cannot fault. All useful.”


“Within a short space of time in a practical, interactive workshop session as part of a PSASE talk, Jackie demonstrated how a fresh approach to the words you use to describe your business in a strapline can result in that ‘penny dropping’ moment…

This is very much a personal recommendation; it worked for me!

Jackie specialises in writing without waffle, and can prove it from the stage. If you are looking for a speaker with a difference, where your audience will learn a different way of thinking about the words they use in their businesses, book Jackie.”

Ges Ray, about my ‘tart up your tagline’ session

What the freelance journalists said:

“Jackie Barrie’s course boosted my confidence in my copywriting ten-fold!”
Lucy Fry

“Fantastic intro to copywriting – never thought it could be so creative and interesting.”
Harriet Hernando

“Jackie provided comprehensive insights into the practicalities of becoming a copywriter. Highly recommend.”
Troy Nankervis

“I wish I’d done this 10 years ago.”
Mary Carmichael

“Jackie introduced us to the beginnings of marketing ourselves as copywriters in a friendly, professional and knowledgeable manner.”
James Wild

“Very informative course, lots of ideas for the future.”
Emma Thomas

What the recruiters said this time

After the Copywriting for Recruiters course I ran yesterday in Manchester with Mitch Sullivan:

“Interesting content, delivered well in an informal manner.”
Ben Gabbitas

“Really good and useful. When I was struggling, Mitch came and helped me one on one.”
Shelby Talmage

“The course is fantastic and your whole mindset changes by the end. Without a doubt, you can see the difference in your work from when you started to when you finish.”
Mohammed Saloom

“Great course. Good balance between theory and practical application. Follow-up plan sounds like it will give very clear benefits.”
Dominic Cooke

“Mitch and Jackie will undoubtedly make you a better advert writer. Money well spent.”
Richard Parsons

“I found this course extremely helpful in approaching adverts in a new way. Would recommend.”
Charlotte Adams

“Incredibly helpful”

“I attended a one day training course on copywriting with Jackie and found it to be extremely useful. Jackie is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and her course is loaded with useful tips, insights and practical steps for building a copywriting business.”

Tim Cooper on LinkedIn

Oi, recruiters! Read this.

About yesterday’s ‘copywriting for recruiters’ course in London, with Mitch Sullivan.

“If you think you know how to appeal to candidates properly, you are probably wrong. Simple changes that we hope can make a big difference.”
Greg Evans

“You’re never going to be able to stop unsuitable applicants applying to your job adverts, but Mitch and Jackie will help you get more applications from the right sort. And you only need one right one to fill a job.”

Francesca Andrews

“Desperately need help to be different in a crowded marketplace of adverts. Will look forward to writing new ads with the new tools. Ongoing support is great. Really enjoyed – more importantly, lots of takeaways.”

James Chessum

“Really loved this course. I feel more confident in writing engaging job ads and I can definitely see our talent attraction goals improving.”

Alex O’Connor

“Helpful, engaging and full of ideas.”

Peter Ockwell

“Really useful day. I loved the honest feedback and critique. Definitely taking away lots of great techniques to write more engaging adverts.”

Leti Taylor

“Do it. Learn. Implement. Get better at attracting more candidates. fill more jobs.”

Johnny Walker

“The course was a real eye-opener. I’ve obviously picked up some bad habits in my time, but you’ve given us some really good tips for the future.”
Giles Symonds

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Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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