Feedback received after the Copywriting for Recruitment course I run with Mitch Sullivan (about one of the pieces of advice that Mitch shares):

“Thought you would like to know I just made a £13,500 placement because of your Call to Action piece. Candidate didn’t have a CV so he called me up and said he liked the Ad. No more “please apply to hear more!!!!!!”

Chris Booth

What the journalists said

Here are some of the comments about yesterday’s Copywriting for Freelance Journalists course in London (I run it every 3-4 months on behalf of Journalism.co.uk):

“You want to be a copywriter? Jackie will show you how.”
Carl Yaxley

“The only course you’ll need if you’d like to switch from journalism to copywriting.”
Marie Dorking

“Useful and highly practical, the course has given me the confidence to try and branch out into copywriting!”
Kate Thomas

“I haven’t done copywriting before, but feel confident, now, that I can market myself as one.”
Zoe Behagg

“I thought this course was expensive when I booked. After completing it, it seems a steal. More densely packed than a commuter train full of rye bread, I finished up exhausted but enthusiastic and confident about starting out as a copywriter.”
Nione Meakin

“Jam-packed with practical info delivered in an engaging and accessible way. Great confidence-booster to help combat the dreaded imposter syndrome!”
Jess Denham

“Really interesting and enjoyable course. Felt a bit overwhelming at first, but by the end of the day, felt I knew how to go about starting a copywriting career alongside journalism.”
Caroline Gammell

“A huge amount of information and advice that has given me greater confidence to sell myself and believe that I can help businesses ’sell’ too.”
Liz Morrell

Recent recruiter comments

Here are some of the testimonials from our recent Copywriting for Recruitment masterclass:

“You’re writing shitty job advert copy, even if you don’t think you are. Pay the money, attend the course, put what you learn into practice and thank the recruitment gods for Mitch and Jackie.”
Matt Hickford

“I loved this course. 2 months on, I’ve already seen a huge ROI from ad & in-mail responses. The course itself is packed full of great content that I’ve not only used for copywriting purposes but for client pitches too. I’ve recommended this to a lot of my friends also in the recruitment industry.”
Kevin Adam

“The course provided by Mitch and Jackie works. Just a few weeks after I completed the course, one of my new adverts worked by attracting a passive candidate.”
Richard Federer

“Coming into the course thinking that on-line job advertising was dead and a waste of time, my view has dramatically changed with this innovative approach in appealing to both committed and casual job hunters. Applying the learned skills to new adverts has seen a substantial increase in candidate quality and positive comments on social media.”
John Docherty

“Even as an old cynical recruiter who’s been writing ads in a certain style for years, this was a fascinating look at flipping adverts on their head and looking at them differently. Go on the course and at some point they’ll be a penny drop moment when you start to think ‘that makes sense’.”
Richard Newcombe

“Imagine actually wanting to rewrite existing job ads? Hard isn’t it! You’ll do just that in the days following the course, which is even harder to imagine I know, but rewrite them you will. Do yourself a favour, track your ad engagement before and after, you’ll soon see why.”
Matt Hickford

“I found this course very helpful in identifying what was wrong with how we typical advertise jobs. The AIDA concept has been working well for me and I’ve personally had a number of candidates call me specifically because they liked my advert. Both Mitch and Jackie brought different areas of expertise to the course and were friendly and approachable all the while pushing you out of your comfort zone. I would highly recommend this course – it’s not like any recruitment course I’ve been on before.”
Sarah McGimpsey

“‘Copywriting for Recruitment’ is one of the most effective training courses I’ve done in years. It’s practical, informative and really helped me understand how to craft effective job adverts. If you write job adverts you need to understand how to do it properly. This course will teach you how.”
Mark Walsh, Freelance Talent Specialist

“A real eye-opener for those recruiters who want to deviate from the “we do it this way because we always have” attitude!”
Connor McLernon

“If you want to improve recruitment advertising, then do this course.”
Andrew Fleet

Web traffic up 36%

About weekly blog posts:

“Thanks for all your help this year, web traffic up 36% on last year so definitely going in the right direction!”
Paul Doran Law

“Excellent feedback”

“Just a quick note to thank you for joining our group yesterday. It was good to see you again. I have already had excellent feedback from some of the participants and I’m sure more will follow when we do our usual post meeting survey. As always, everyone enjoys your presentation style and interactive approach.”
Chris Tapp
Platinum Property Partners

“Your presentation was very helpful, and certainly had us all engaged throughout.”
Mark Trinder
Platinum Property Partners

“Recharged my mojo”

That’s what a delegate said about the copywriting for freelance journalists course I run regularly on behalf of Journalism.co.uk. I’ve done it over 20 times now. Thanks, Emma, for your kind words.

Copywriting – the art of persuasion


Feedback from Copywriting for Recruiters in London yesterday with Mitch Sullivan:

“Thank you for a very insightful day. I know that how much I actually end up getting from it is going to be down to me and me implementing the stuff you passed on but I liked the course and I’m sure it’s going to help.”
Sean Tomey

And, from a previous course…

“I guess you know this by now but…… your course works! I posted [an ad] recently and the response has been fab – not just with applicants but also inbound calls, LinkedIn views and a few of those mythical ‘passive’ people, too! I don’t know if this is normally the response on sales roles (it was my first) but I was literally glowing from the response. So much so I took the ad to a sales meeting as part of my pitch, the client loved it, he even asked to keep a copy! From a very happy delegate and now rather good budding recruiter.”

Georgia Bolton

Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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