Website masterclass

Feedback from today’s half-day website masterclass in Maidstone, on behalf of Best Business Events:

“Great course and well presented. Great value for the cost.”
Tony Gray

“The workshop was really useful. Gave lots of tips and hints for website maximisation. Very interactive. Jackie was friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Would definitely attend another of her workshops.”
Natasha Gould

“Excellent content and a real eye-opener on how the clients respond to websites and what works.”
John Gichigi

“I started off glazed over but must say after a few minutes I was very interested in the course and at the end wished it was longer. Thank you.”
Joy Bamford

“Very useful course using real examples in a relaxed and easy-to-understand environment. You don’t need to be a website wizard to benefit from this course.”
Aimee Saber


What the recruiters said

Feedback from yesterday’s masterclass in Birmingham:
“Engaging training with open and honest feedback. 100% recommend.”
Lee Wherton
“Excellent course. Thank you both!”
Laura Branson
“Mitch and Jackie did such a great job on this course. I’m so glad I attended. As a startup, this course is going to help me with my copywriting skills. Thank you so much.”
Shaheen Shah
“A really useful session that gives you simple and actionable insights that will quickly improve your ad writing technique…significantly.”
Eloise Dugmore
“A very enjoyable experience. Mitch and Jackie bounced off each other superbly and are a perfect complement to each other. Clear and concise in their delivery.”
Steve Wynne
“Jackie and Mitch are the perfect combination when teaching copywriting. Pleasure to sit in and listen and ultimately learn to bring out the inner creative me :-)”
Ben Field

300% increase

After my recent talk about speaker websites:

“I always value your advice, Jackie. From your last presentation, a (relatively) simple change to Henry’s website has just increased our incoming speaking enquiries by 300%.”


The impact of a good strapline

“I met Jackie at a wonderful event in St Albans run by @ClaireBoyles. Jackie was the main speaker at the event and her session was inspirational. She had listened to everyone’s 60-second pitch to see if the taglines people used were effective and relatable.

Mine she said was too generic and when I thought about it she was right. I was inspired by what Jackie had said, not only to me but others, and the birth of my current tagline followed during the meeting. I showed Jackie and she said it was good but not quite there. I took her inspiration away with me and the last part was soon added. It now says ‘Be Seen, Be Engaged or Be Anonymous’.

So if you want to engage with a creative who can unlock your inner marketeer then please contact Jackie.”

Tony K Silver on LinkedIn

Snippet from a blog post he wrote about the results of my session about taglines:

“Jackie Barrie listened to 25+ of our pitch efforts and analysed them for impactfulness, call to action and relevance to our business offering. When she analysed my strapline, I could see that it was very generic and had no real hook.

Whilst she continued around the room analysing the other attendees I listened and scribbled on a pad, and hit on “Be Seen, Be Engaged”. This had real meaning to my business as I work with clients on two fronts, to be found in LinkedIn searches (Be Seen) and to ensure that their profile is set up so people who find them in a search will scroll down (Be Engaged).

…Whilst using it in a conversation as my sign off “or Be Anonymous” came to mind. It worked so I added it.”

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Feedback after the Copywriting for Freelance Journalists course I ran recently in London for

“I just wanted to say a really big thank you for the course – it was incredibly helpful. I also thought it was incredibly generous of you to give so much info on the business side of things.”
Jane Morris
Editor at large, The Art Newspaper, Cultureshock Media

Contributor, titles including Artnet, The Economist, Monocle magazine and radio, Art Agency Partners

“Highly recommended”

“Jackie gave an excellent, practical and engaging talk to the Professional Speaking Association in London. Anyone booking her as a speaker for their event will find exactly what we did – their delegates will leave the room with waffle-free, concrete actions they can take to improve their literature the following day. Highly recommended.”

Guy Clapperton on LinkedIn

“Thank you so much for your insights today – I found them so relevant and completely implementable!  So much so, I managed to tick some of them off on the train home.”

Joanne Lockwood via email


“I really like the approach, with some small tweaks. You have captured the essence of my goal and of my writing style. So bravo.” < About an email sequence I wrote.

Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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