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My thanks to Internet Psychologist, Graham Jones, for his review of my first book:

“The other night I won a competition…and my prize was this book, “The Little Fish Guide to DIY Marketing“. I have read it already and was really pleased that I was the winner. The book is packed with tips and ideas for marketing your own business. The author, Jackie Barrie, is a copywriter by profession so the book is well-written and easy-to-read. She works for “Big Fish”, such as major corporates as well as “Little Fish” such as the self-employed and small firms. This book is squarely aimed at the smaller business that needs or wants to do its own marketing.

Inside you will find advice on setting the right price, getting free editorial coverage and writing great sales letters. The book also has several “bonus tips” for start-ups and businesses in their very early stages. The Little Fish Guide to DIY Marketing has several exercises you can complete as well as several examples and ideas for you to build on. For small businesses that need a handy, readable and easy-to-follow guide to marketing then they should look no further than this book.”


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