Copywriting for Journalists

Feedback from the latest ‘Copywriting for Journalists’ course that I run regularly in London:

“Jackie was an excellent course leader and an obvious expert in her field. She covered so much ground in one day and has given us the perfect foundation for a copywriting career.”
Shaun Curran

“If you’re looking for a no-nonsense introduction to copywriting, this course is for you.”
Gareth Rees

“I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my copywriting as I was ‘self taught’. The course reassured me I was on the right track, and – most importantly – what my words are worth.”
Rosalind Ryan

“Great course – very informative and lots of practical advice.”
Helen Nicholson

“A day well spent – lots of tips, useful advice and exercises. Jackie is very clear and candid in her instruction. Thank you.”
Anna Kibbey

“If you’re a journalist and think you know how to do copywriting, think again. You need this course to bridge the gap before you write. A day well spent.”
Rob Campbell

“Great course. Very interesting and useful content, well organised. Looking forward to putting everything into practice.”
Pauline McCallion

“Extremely useful. Full of tips and advice. Practical, fun and inspiring!”
Eley McAinsh

“Jackie’s course was very comprehensive. She was incredibly inspiring. I’m excited to embark on my copywriting career!”
Elisa Bray

“Brilliant course. Answered so many questions. Feel much more confident about giving copywriting a go.”
Tracy West

“A series of little lightbulbs. Absolutely five stars.”

“Very useful and good food for thought.”

“The practical elements have been really helpful and the whole legal side was eye-opening. The techniques used for both print and web are obviously important and the details were explained fully.”

“It was interactive but also sharing lots and lots of information and advice.”

“This course was crammed with content and really boosted my confidence as a copywriter.”

“Going from freelance journalism to copywriting meant I was floundering a bit, but now have more confidence to get out there.”

“Thank you for an excellent course — it was so useful and I really appreciated your generosity in sharing so much of your own experience and practice.”