Oi, recruiters! Read this.

About yesterday’s ‘copywriting for recruiters’ course in London, with Mitch Sullivan.

“If you think you know how to appeal to candidates properly, you are probably wrong. Simple changes that we hope can make a big difference.”
Greg Evans

“You’re never going to be able to stop unsuitable applicants applying to your job adverts, but Mitch and Jackie will help you get more applications from the right sort. And you only need one right one to fill a job.”

Francesca Andrews

“Desperately need help to be different in a crowded marketplace of adverts. Will look forward to writing new ads with the new tools. Ongoing support is great. Really enjoyed – more importantly, lots of takeaways.”

James Chessum

“Really loved this course. I feel more confident in writing engaging job ads and I can definitely see our talent attraction goals improving.”

Alex O’Connor

“Helpful, engaging and full of ideas.”

Peter Ockwell

“Really useful day. I loved the honest feedback and critique. Definitely taking away lots of great techniques to write more engaging adverts.”

Leti Taylor

“Do it. Learn. Implement. Get better at attracting more candidates. fill more jobs.”

Johnny Walker

“The course was a real eye-opener. I’ve obviously picked up some bad habits in my time, but you’ve given us some really good tips for the future.”
Giles Symonds


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