Good copy works. Here’s the evidence.

We recently advertised a role for a brand new department in our Kent offices, which took a lot of research and re-writing of the advert to get it to a place I like (and I’m still not fully satisfied, but I’m getting there).

I don’t often get CVs and cover letters that are directly for us, rather than generally for any job that vaguely fits. This week we have had an application that directly quotes my advert, citing it as the reason we caught their attention. I think this candidate could earn significantly more money in London, with a more established company, but my advert has convinced him to consider us anyway, in exchange for a benefit I outlined (dropping the London commute). I can only thank you both for the things you taught me.

I’m also excited to show the directors that agreed to send me on your course, as this is some solid proof that the course has helped us attract new/better candidates.

Kind Regards,

Yasmine Gray
HR Administrator