What the journalists said

“Everything I needed to confidently set up shop as a copywriter.”
Cate Butler

“Full of very useful insightful content and skills that I can apply in my work as a copywriter.”
Nicholas Newman

“An entertaining, helpful course. I’m inspired to get started with my copywriting career!”
Sarah Morton

“An excellent interactive course which clearly shows journalists how to make the transition to copywriting. Every aspect is covered from writing styles to how to find clients and get paid.”
Jackie Mitchell

“I arrived doubting my ability to switch from journalism to copywriting – now I’ve got the confidence, and best of all, an actual POA!”
Amy Laws

“Very well structured course with useful interactive elements. Empowering. Thank you!”
Becky Dickinson

“A truly brilliant, fact-packed course presented by a personable and very friendly lady. You packed a lot of information into the day and I came away with so many ideas and thoughts in my head.”
Helen Watson

“It has given me some great ideas and motivation for entering the world of copywriting.”
Alex Wright

“Many thanks for putting together such a great course. You were so knowledgeable and inspiring you have left me wanting more.”
Annie Salter