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Comments from yesterday’s Copywriting for Recruitment course with Mitch Sullivan:

“5 star, fantastic day. Lots of learning and very insightful.”
James Gallagher

“Do you think you’re writing great recruitment ads? I can *passionately* tell you that – until you’ve taken this course – you are not. Sign up now. It’s worth it.”
José Rubio

“You taught an old dog new tricks, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.”
Sue Prytherch

“Fantastic day spent with Mitch Sullivan and Jackie Barrie looking at the world of copywriting. If you are looking to stand out from the noise and create some truly measurable and engaging online content these guys will pull zero punches in telling you in no simple terms to ‘stop talking like a recruiter, write like a human!’ Extremely refreshing and highly recommended.”
James Gallagher on LinkedIn

“Spent a rainy day with Mitch Sullivan and Jackie Barrie on their ‘Copywriting for Recruiters course’. Wanted to attend for a couple of years but never had the opportunity until now. If you are involved in creating content, candidate attraction or just ‘passionate’ adverts then I insist you take this course to right your ways. Applies to agencies, internal and retained. You will be shocked at how narrow minded and arrogant what we write really is and learn to be like a human and not a bot. Be prepared to take criticism, they do not hold back and know what they are talking about. Mine were torn to shreds which was very refreshing and welcome. Want to argue? Don’t. Closest analogy would be telling Paul Hollywood how to bake bread. Listen, learn and adapt. I have learned more about adverts, human behaviour and stakeholder management (bonus) in 7 hours than almost 6 years’ in recruitment while also rediscovering my lost love for creative writing. Wish I had done this earlier in my career, some past roles could have ended differently.”
Will Louzado on LinkedIn

“The ads have all exceeded over 10% conversion from click to apply which is definitely a first for me.”

  • 65 clicks – 7 apps
  • 68 clicks – 10 apps
  • 377 clicks – 55 apps

Previous results were generally 6-8% click to apply depending on role. Also, the recruiter is seeing “much better applicant to shortlist numbers than before”.


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This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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