“Best training investment”

Feedback from Nottingham’s Distinct Recruitment agency, about yesterday’s copywriting course:

“A great interactive session. I’ve taken away some in-depth, tangible skills to be able to bring my adverts to life. The course gives a great opportunity to give yourself a USP.”
Joel Stevenson

“An insightful course. Lots of relevant information which was put to practical use during the day.”
Claire Fletcher

“Mitch and Jackie’s training was fun, interesting and very helpful in allowing me to write better copy for ads.”
Jo Sanderson

“Great session with Mitch and Jackie. Loads of ideas and stuff to put into practice.”
Arran Jaiswal

“Mitch and Jackie are a fab duo. They create a great environment for criticism to be received well, and provide feedback that is vital.”
Lauren Hulme

“Best training investment we’ve made in years.”
Ryan Jaiswal


Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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