Recruiter comments

“Within a week, we saw an increase in applications and more engagement from applicants. Thank you for a interesting and fun course.”
Avril Ambridge

“I went on Mitch & Jackie’s “Copywriting for recruiters” course on 15th November in London. It was very well put together and it made me re-think the way that I market my jobs. The training was engaging, thought provoking and it enabled me to look back at my prior adverts and think “what on earth was I doing?”.

I’d certainly recommend any recruiter who’d like to improve their service offerings to their clients to invest in going on the training.

It’s one of the first training courses that I have been on where I came out knowing that I was going to implement all what I have learnt.”
Michael Hewitt

“Copywriting for recruiters is a bit like a tin of Ronseal. If you don’t know what that means, you need to do this course.”
George Zitko

“To all you tight arse rec business owners / TA mgrs… send your whole team on this masterclass – the insights & takeaways are priceless. Double your prices Jackie & Mitch. Thank you for taking me back to school.”
Craig Bagshaw

“I would highly recommend to other recruiters to help inspire you with your job ads.”
Shannon Rowlands

“Really enjoyed it and would recommend to any recruiter.”
Danny Jordan

“I don’t want any other recruiters to go on this course. I’d be much happier if they all keep writing their generic, drab ads.”
Alex Babic