“Works harder, converts better and costs us less to promote”

Feedback from Tom Mason at AO.com:

I’ve had a look at the performance of our sales advert since I’ve been on the course. I looked at the same four weeks in August in 2017 and 2018.

Essentially the stats show that the new advert works harder, converts better and costs us less to promote. However, the significant impact has been that we have hired two people from the new advert so far. The stats show that we didn’t hire any people in the same period last year.

Aug-17 Aug-18 Variance
Impressions 25289 52429 27140
Clicks 404 2134 1730
Click through rate 1.60% 4.10% 2.50%
Cost per click £0.62 £0.51 -£0.11
Applies 60 462 402
Apply Rate 14.9 21.6 6.7
Sales Experience 29.7 52.1 22.4
Cost per application £4.17 £2.34 -£1.83
Hires 0 2 2

Source – Indeed


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