Insightful, professional and entertaining

“Jackie led an impressive session last week helping business owners think about their core message to potential customers.

Feeding back to the audience what she had gleaned from networking and introductions, Jackie provided a combination of insightful feedback and high-quality ideas for improvement in a professional and entertaining way. Very good indeed!”

Martin Munro, The Alternative Board

“Thanks for all your advice during your talk. I have been working on my first blog and lots of social media stuff. I have tried to put in lots of things that you mentioned. This is all very new to me. Thanks again, all the information you gave that night is being put into use.”

Liam McGinley, Carpenter

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk this evening. It really was without waffle! Your presentation was interesting, humorous & helpful so I do hope we will see you again. Thank you so much.”

Janice O’Neill, Celebrant