What the recruiters said

Feedback from yesterday’s masterclass in Birmingham:
“Engaging training with open and honest feedback. 100% recommend.”
Lee Wherton
“Excellent course. Thank you both!”
Laura Branson
“Mitch and Jackie did such a great job on this course. I’m so glad I attended. As a startup, this course is going to help me with my copywriting skills. Thank you so much.”
Shaheen Shah
“A really useful session that gives you simple and actionable insights that will quickly improve your ad writing technique…significantly.”
Eloise Dugmore
“A very enjoyable experience. Mitch and Jackie bounced off each other superbly and are a perfect complement to each other. Clear and concise in their delivery.”
Steve Wynne
“Jackie and Mitch are the perfect combination when teaching copywriting. Pleasure to sit in and listen and ultimately learn to bring out the inner creative me :-)”
Ben Field