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Well received

“I went through your tips from yesterday at the lunch and they were very well received. I referred to you in the talk and was going to give your name at the end. However, I hadn’t got that far when someone said, ‘Is this Jackie the ‘Writing without Waffle’ Jackie?’ Need I say more?”

Penny Denby, The Women’s Company


Easy to follow

“Your tips on one-minute [presentations] and the booklets [on your site] are fantastic, I’ve been meaning to read them for ages. Wish I had read them earlier. They are very useful, practical and easy to follow.”

Hardika Ladva, Hardika’s Healing Hands


“Before going to work I happened to log on to Ecademy. Through Marketplace saw your advertisement [for the tips booklets on my website]. It was fantastic! I intend to read through it as soon as I get to the office. No words can thank you enough.”

Rajan G. Ramchandani

Very interesting 2

“I really enjoyed the Bingo ice-breaker that you used as it certainly got everyone talking! I purchased the pack of leaflets that you produce and have found them to be very interesting reading. We are a small HR Consultancy who are branching out to find new business and the leaflets are offering a lot of points for discussion.”

Kate Hilton, Vizual HR Ltd

Very interesting 1

“I was just sitting here reading your very interesting brochures. There was a lot of work and thought put into those. Congratulations!”

Carolyn Edwards

Clear & practical

“I loved your ‘Email Essentials’! Often stating the obvious is exactly what’s needed. ‘Email Essentials’ is clear and immediately practical, and I’m glad of a list of definitions of abbreviations. I think I already follow much of it, but I’m very happy to have it all brought so succinctly together in one booklet.”

Vanessa Buck, Stress Management

Communications wisdom

“Your picture [on Ecademy] seemed so positive, clear and grounded, and I clicked on it just to see what you do. When I saw your website, I realised how accurately your portrait matches your services! I’m currently in the planning stage of self-employment so my stumbling on your site felt serendipitous. I read your Little Fish guide and I’m looking forward to reading your other booklets. I decided to email you to say thanks for the resources, and also because I thought you might like to hear about the impression I received from your portrait. I’ve a feeling that it’s absolutely intentional and part of your communications wisdom: nonetheless, it might be good to hear from a stranger that it’s doing the trick.”

Suzie Saw

Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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