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Good copywriter

About this issue of Writing Without Waffle

“Great newsletter Jackie, I enjoyed reading top to bottom whilst smiling in the knowledge that’s what a good copywriter can make you do…”

Jeremy Chadwick, Yellowdot


About my tipsheet

Feedback from my recently redesigned Writing Without Waffle tipsheet:

“I have just read your latest tipsheet, which had me laughing out loud… This was definitely a wonderful ‘food for thought’ email. Thank you very much.”

“I’ve always appreciated your newsletters. I do like the clean lines of the new look which is fresh, well-spaced, educational and very entertaining.”

Latest testimonials

About the talk about websites that I delivered in Cape Town:

“I would like to thank you for the wonderfully enlightening workshop you gave us on Saturday, not sure I’m happy with the extra work load now though – LOL.”
Jason Sandler

“Thank you very much for your excellent lesson on websites at the PSASA Convention. I definitely learned a lot. I will implement quite a lot in terms of the tips you shared with us.”
Shoni Khangala

About a brochure and business card:
“Absolutely love both. They look great and read very well. It comes across as very informative which is what we were looking for.”

About my Writing Without Waffle tipsheet:
“Really good ezine Jackie…. Waffle-free and useful.”

Readable and adds value

About my Writing Without Waffle tipsheet:

“I’m sure that, like me, you get loads of stuff jamming your Inbox. It’s really good when something arrives that is readable and adds value. I’ve passed some of your emails to my Marketing Director before, and he was equally appreciative.”

Well done

“Well done with your newsletter. I think it’s the only one I read!”

Rare and refreshing

“In this age of “spin”, txtng and nu-speak, it is rare and refreshing to find a fellow advocate of plain speech. Jackie not only cuts through the waffle but helps others to do the same – and with a great sense of humour. I look forward to every issue of her “Writing Without Waffle” newsletter.”

Simon Beck, Alphabeck (on Ecademy)

Good job

“I love your newsletters by the way! Yes, I do enjoy your newsletters – your fun and love for what you do shows through and that makes a great newsletter! I open yours!!! and yours don’t look like a standard off the rack one!  again – good job, but I would expect nothing less from you.”

Carolyn Edwards

Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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