“I am sure it will help us”

About my participation on a marketing Q&A panel for Bromley Business Club, and follow-up documentation: "Many thanks for your contribution to what I thought was a really good evening. Thanks for sending through the links and some very useful stuff in there, indeed on your whole website - I am sure that it will help … Continue reading “I am sure it will help us”

Helpful and funny

“Love the newsletter – interesting, helpful, funny. Had a quick browse on the website – that’s good too. You give lots of helpful tips and have fun doing it…I always love receiving your newsletters. They are very helpful, very funny and inspire me." Jose Jacobs, JL Healthcare


"Overall good impression, content, layout and navigation worked well; clear messages, well designed and solid content. I liked the layout - very clean design, great colour scheme, loved the image - uncluttered. Loved the link through to the reading materials."