Active networking

"I want to thank you personally for your presentation on Active Networking at PSA SE this week. It was just what we needed, a bit of movement rather than being passive recipients. I have been involved with several of your networking activities and always find them valuable to hold what I learn in my mind … Continue reading Active networking

“Can energise an audience”

"Jackie Barrie conducted the active networking session at our Stand Up Speak Out Be Heard conference. An event that I organised on behalf of the Professional Speaking Association and sponsored by Sage. Using her improv skills, Jackie can energise an audience that has sat and listened to speakers and make networking sessions fun and informative. … Continue reading “Can energise an audience”

“I hope all my members will read it”

“The Little Fish Guide to Networking should be on the ‘must read’ list for anyone running a small or medium sized business.  If you’re already a networker I challenge you not to find a few nuggets of wisdom that will make your networking more successful and if you’re not a networker yet because “it’s scary” … Continue reading “I hope all my members will read it”

Networking course

“We're putting our new networking skills into practice - learnt at our recent workshop.” “Many of my fears have been addressed. Jackie was excellent, addressing our initial reasons for attending and taking questions throughout…Informative. Have gained greater knowledge and understanding…Jackie is a very good teacher. She made it really interesting. Excellent course… Learned quite a … Continue reading Networking course