“Excellent feedback”

"Just a quick note to thank you for joining our group yesterday. It was good to see you again. I have already had excellent feedback from some of the participants and I’m sure more will follow when we do our usual post meeting survey. As always, everyone enjoys your presentation style and interactive approach." Chris … Continue reading “Excellent feedback”

Practical and helpful

About a one-hour interactive talk designed to help PPP franchisees write better Spareroom ads (customised for five UK regions so far and being reproduced as a series of videos for their intranet): "Thank you very much for attending our meeting yesterday. I have had some lovely comments from our guys about your practical and helpful … Continue reading Practical and helpful

Insightful, professional and entertaining

"Jackie led an impressive session last week helping business owners think about their core message to potential customers. Feeding back to the audience what she had gleaned from networking and introductions, Jackie provided a combination of insightful feedback and high-quality ideas for improvement in a professional and entertaining way. Very good indeed!" Martin Munro, The … Continue reading Insightful, professional and entertaining

“Can energise an audience”

"Jackie Barrie conducted the active networking session at our Stand Up Speak Out Be Heard conference. An event that I organised on behalf of the Professional Speaking Association and sponsored by Sage. Using her improv skills, Jackie can energise an audience that has sat and listened to speakers and make networking sessions fun and informative. … Continue reading “Can energise an audience”