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Attractively slim and well paced

No, he’s not talking about me. He’s talking about my second book, The Little Fish Guide to Networking.


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“A good read”

Thanks to C Ware for a lovely 5* review on Amazon:

“A good read even for seasoned networkers. There’s always something new you can learn about networking and Jackie covers the subject from start to finish. Whether you are new to it, or a seasoned pro, there will be some little gems in here that will improve your technique!”

On Twitter

Hayes Craft fair @GinghamGoose tomorrow – looking forward to putting into practice @jackiebarrie ‘s advice from her books – all great stuff!

The new me will be unleashed @GinghamGoose tomorrow; Positive, smiley, & welcoming – though might need an early drink! @jackiebarrie Tx.

Just want to thank @jackiebarrie for all your advice in your networking book – it really helped me to chat to people with a lot more ease!

Oh and I made more sales than normal!! Cant wait for my next exhibition/craft fair to practice more of @jackiebarrie ‘s golden nuggets. . .

– the ‘pretend’ bit REALLY helped, by the way!


“Fantastic books”

Two more 5* reviews for my books on Amazon – thanks to AB Timms:

The Little Fish Guide to DIY Marketing
“Bought this book a few weeks ago and have read it at least twice already. Jackie puts everything into easy bite-size chunks that are so informative yet so simple to follow and put into practice. This should be in everyone’s non-fiction book collection.”

The Little Fish Guide to Networking
This is a little gem of a read for anyone debating whether to go networking or not. Jackie has created a great read with some really useful tips on networking and some great stories as well. Have put several ideas into practice already to great effect.”

Heaps of help

“Jackie has given me heaps of help in developing my website and other marketing communications. Now they make sense to my potential clients as well as to me and have much more appeal as a result. I have both her ‘Little Fish Guides to DIY…” books (available on Amazon) and thoroughly recommend her work!” 

Rosemary Godfrey (on LinkedIn)

Easy to read and easy to implement

Another 5* review on Amazon – thanks, Vicki!

If you are thinking “I don’t have time to read a book on networking” then read this one. The time you invest will show you how to make your networking actually WORK. For a “little book” it is packed with practical advice and presented with humour.

Having followed Jackie on Twitter (check out her “Word of The Day”) I met her at a networking event and liked her style. She is a brilliant writer and just entices you to read on. This is the first time I’ve read a “business” book and felt sad when it ended! It had been like listening to the advice of an experienced friend.

I am buying this for two friends who are just starting to think about networking because I wish I had read it before I started. Jackie removes the fear of networking and tells you how to present yourself with impact.

Another 5* review

From Amazon today:

Great for you if you’re new to networking, or if you’re on the circuit already!

This book is a great read to hear about Jackie’s business journey and experiences of networking that have helped her grow her business.

She offers practical advice and tips to help you become great at networking as well. From making yourself more interesting to others to running a group yourself with some tips for presenting, breaking the ice and Do’s and Don’ts too.

A great quick read, with some points to add for myself and I’ll recommend to my clients and back to it myself I’m sure in the future. A good buy!

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