This week, I was guest speaker at the first virtual meeting of the Professional Speakers’ Association Southern Africa (PSASA). I did a top ten rundown of the most common mistakes speakers make on their websites.

Each point was captured by a professional doodler.

number 10

Here are some of the attendee comments:

“Thank you for an awesome session. I thought it was very informative and so many pearls of wisdom in a short space of time.”
Dr Rowan van Dyk


Insightful, professional and entertaining

“Jackie led an impressive session last week helping business owners think about their core message to potential customers.

Feeding back to the audience what she had gleaned from networking and introductions, Jackie provided a combination of insightful feedback and high-quality ideas for improvement in a professional and entertaining way. Very good indeed!”

Martin Munro, The Alternative Board

Standing ovation

“I had the absolute pleasure of attending one of Jackie’s talks this week.

Jackie’s presentation was highly informative and engaging.

The whole audience joined in with the interactive parts and it really made everyone in the room think about their own business messages.

Jackie bubbles with ideas and we all left on a high, motivated to ‘write without waffle’ in our own content.

Jackie got the standing ovation she deserved! 🙂

P.S. A true professional who was a dream to photograph too!”

Jo Hailey

“Delivered brilliance”

“I booked Jackie to speak at my business event in St Albans.

Jackie is brilliant at what she does, and in communicating about her knowledge so that other people “get” it too.

The event was for business owners, and I’m already receiving feedback on how Jackie’s talk immediately impacted the way they market themselves.

The topic was creating compelling taglines, new taglines were created on the evening by Jackie and will be delivering business results in the short and long term.

I have no hesitation in heartily recommending Jackie to speak at any business event.

As one of our delegates said “It was easy to understand what Jackie was talking about, she just delivered brilliance in a very calm approachable manner which made sense.”

Thank you Jackie!”

Claire Boyles, Success Matters

Thanks a million

About Copywriting for Recruitment in Manchester with Mitch Sullivan (and post-course drinks):

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks a million for everything – we took a lot away from the event (including a sore head). Hopefully, this should lead to much better content/adverts.”

Cian Crosse

More lovely feedback

Unsolicited comment from Copywriting for Freelance Journalists in London, the course I run regularly for

“Thanks for a great day yesterday. You packed a lot of useful stuff in, and left me with a lot to chew on.”

Sara Dixon

Measurable results

More measurable results from Copywriting for Recruitment with Mitch Sullivan:

“My InMail response rates have shot up beyond what I had anticipated off the back of the course. So far this month I have a 60% response rate compared to 35% for the month before the course. I am sending less InMails and getting much higher returns. From 51 messages on Monday I have generated 3 interviews and CVs from another 5 brilliant candidates who will get interviews.

You promised it would add value and it really has so thanks again to you and Jackie for delivering what was a very effective and enjoyable day’s training!”

Julien Bicknell, Madison Talent Sourcing

“I tried the Linkedin message on Monday (per your suggestions) and got the following response:

‘I must tell you that your approach is one of the best I received ever. It did not only make me curious, but could summarize many points that would make me to move to my next challenge. And I can tell you, I have received more than 100 contacts since I joined [company name]. To your question: yes, I would appreciate to get more details on the opportunity. Thanks in advance!'”

Stuart Higgins, Oscar Harrington


Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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