Grim up North?

Latest feedback about Copywriting for Recruiters in Cheshire and Manchester (with Mitch Sullivan):

“Just wanted to say thanks for the course yesterday, pleasure meeting you both. One of the best training days I’ve had in years, great content and you made it very enjoyable.’

Oliver Hague

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Looking at adverts in a different light

Comments from recruiters in Bristol yesterday:

“I liked to think I was writing creative adverts before, but after attending Mitch Sullivan & Jackie Barrie‘s Copywriting for Recruiters course it has totally changed my outlook on advert writing! Looking forward to going back to the drawing board and hopefully writing some more engaging and effective adverts 👌 Cheers both.”

Dan Shone on LinkedIn

“I second Dan’s comments, excellent day and looking forward to building on the skills and techniques you’ve given us. Looking at adverts in a different light now for sure, and cringing at how shit and generic they’ve been in the past!”

Richard Kinsey on LinkedIn

And here’s a case study from a previous course in Brighton:

Recruiter: “Email below is a great indication of the difference the copy writing course has made!”

Candidate: “I saw this position advertised on LinkedIn, and really loved the tone and essence of the job posting.  Really different to all the others I have seen, and has sparked my interest. I have attached my latest CV for your perusal, and look forwarding to hearing from you in the near future.”
Recruiter’s boss: “She’s been recruiting 14 years, first time she’s had a response like this. Love it!!”

Active networking

“I want to thank you personally for your presentation on Active Networking at PSA SE this week. It was just what we needed, a bit of movement rather than being passive recipients.

I have been involved with several of your networking activities and always find them valuable to hold what I learn in my mind when meeting people, building relationships and getting across facts.

I have noticed the different levels in each networking activity.

They can always be taken as fun, a chance to move and play a game. Deeper than that could be seen how I react to others, they react to me and how I can build the relationships.

Not everyone may see this initially, but those who do make greater gains.

Better relationships draws in more clients, business and therefore money. You are great at developing people’s skills through the active networking sessions. Thank you for helping me in the development of my business.”

Rosemary Williams, Author ‘Prep That Fish’

“I was impressed by Jackie’s approach to teaching”

“This course was by far the best professional course I have ever done. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and learnt a huge amount. Mitch and Jackie were approachable, knowledgeable and very entertaining. Every activity was well thought out and I was impressed by Jackie’s approach to teaching – she clearly considers different styles of learning, and I felt the benefit of that.

All day, I was completely engaged in the course – no clock watching whatsoever! As the day went on, I got more excited each time we were set a new task! They were really interesting, enjoyable activities. Since doing the course, I have revamped all our job descriptions and have seen higher levels of applicants which is amazing.

Thank you so much Mitch and Jackie, I will be recommending you to everyone.”

Olivia Webb

Refreshing & mind opening

“I had a fantastic day yesterday with Jackie Barrie & Mitch Sullivan on Copywriting for Recruiters. Thanks guys! Taking away a lot more than I thought I would. Extremely refreshing, mind opening course.

Mark Hopkins on LinkedIn

“Can energise an audience”

“Jackie Barrie conducted the active networking session at our Stand Up Speak Out Be Heard conference. An event that I organised on behalf of the Professional Speaking Association and sponsored by Sage. Using her improv skills, Jackie can energise an audience that has sat and listened to speakers and make networking sessions fun and informative. If you need an energy injection during your conference I would highly recommend Jackie Barrie.”

Janice B Gordon on LinkedIn

Recruiter comments

“Within a week, we saw an increase in applications and more engagement from applicants. Thank you for a interesting and fun course.”
Avril Ambridge

“I went on Mitch & Jackie’s “Copywriting for recruiters” course on 15th November in London. It was very well put together and it made me re-think the way that I market my jobs. The training was engaging, thought provoking and it enabled me to look back at my prior adverts and think “what on earth was I doing?”.

I’d certainly recommend any recruiter who’d like to improve their service offerings to their clients to invest in going on the training.

It’s one of the first training courses that I have been on where I came out knowing that I was going to implement all what I have learnt.”
Michael Hewitt

“Copywriting for recruiters is a bit like a tin of Ronseal. If you don’t know what that means, you need to do this course.”
George Zitko

“To all you tight arse rec business owners / TA mgrs… send your whole team on this masterclass – the insights & takeaways are priceless. Double your prices Jackie & Mitch. Thank you for taking me back to school.”
Craig Bagshaw

“I would highly recommend to other recruiters to help inspire you with your job ads.”
Shannon Rowlands

“Really enjoyed it and would recommend to any recruiter.”
Danny Jordan

“I don’t want any other recruiters to go on this course. I’d be much happier if they all keep writing their generic, drab ads.”
Alex Babic

Nice things people have said about me, my products and my services

This unsolicited feedback is included with permission, and is presented in no particular order. Thank you to all my lovely clients for their comments since I founded Comms Plus in 2001.

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